The Birth Story of Baby L | St. Peter’s Hospital Labor & Delivery, Albany, New York | Albany, New York Birth Photographer

This couple. Their strength. Their commitment to each other. This is what a true love story is made of.  

This beautiful baby girl decided to give us all a surprise by arriving not only before her official due date, but before I was even scheduled to be on-call for her birth!

It started out as a long night for Nicole and Chris, as they came and left the hospital in early labor. Nicole continued to labor beautifully at home. A few hours after we had initially spoke, I checked in on them to see how Nicole was progressing. In the middle of our discussion, Chris said, “I think her water broke,” and we were all headed to the Birthing Center at St. Peter’s Hospital to welcome their baby girl.

When I arrived, Nicole’s contractions were intense.

I watched as Nicole and Chris worked through the swells of pain. Chris held her through every contraction, whispering words of strength, encouragement and love. They handled each roll of pain one step at a time, and did it completely together.

Nicole’s nurse and midwife waited patiently, supporting her through every moment of labor, letting her and her baby work through this innate process. They were absolutely incredible.

When Nicole didn’t think she could go further, her husband’s sweet whispers helped her push through the pain as the contractions came on harder each time. All of the grueling long hours, all of the pain, all of their love brought this little girl into their arms.


Nicole and Chris, be proud of what you have brought into this world. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be incredible parents. Lena is completely blessed to call you her own. I wish the three of you nothing but the best. And to your amazing birth team, the midwives from Albany Obstetrics and Gynecology,  and nurses and staff at St. Peter’s Hospital, thank you for all of your long hours, hard work, and unwavering dedication. You are a wonderful part of this story. Thank you.

For more of this beautiful couple and their precious baby girl, check out their maternity session here (will be reposted soon!), and stay tuned for their Fresh Story session coming up on the blog!





The Birth Story of Baby L | St. Peter’s Hospital Labor & Delivery, Albany, New York | Albany, New York Birth Photographer

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