The Love Story of Sarah & Brian | Engagement Session at the Washington County Fair | Albany, New York Wedding Photographer

Anyone who knows Sarah & Brian separately knows how sincerely sweet, funny, and completely charming they are, but when they’re together, they are so much more.  Their connection is so authentic, and so genuine that it really is the kind of love you want to stare at all day, and makes you wonder how they haven’t been together their entire lives. Their love is like Johnny and June kind of stuff, it’s THAT good! So to set themselves apart from other engagement sessions, they decided to do something a little different. The Washington County Fair was the perfect spot for their engagement photos, not just because it was seriously awesome to have that whole honest, country boy meets beautiful, gypsy traveler theme, but Brian has been attending the fair since he was in the womb! It’s a family tradition, and one he continues with his family now. I told you, it doesn’t get much more genuine and authentic than these two.

I’m so excited to join them on their wedding day next July (2018)!