Marked by Three


Persistence. Patience. Endurance. Faith. All of these things are what this birth taught me. 5 days. 5 days this mom waited, and hoped, and cried, and prayed. An induction is unlike natural birth. It’s pain is not the same. It’s duration and normal ‘tells’ are not the same. It’s hard, just as any other birth, […]

The birth of your child is one of the most memorable events in your lifetime, but this little girl decided to set herself apart. I checked in with this mom the day before her due date. All seemed quiet, with no signs of labor coming anytime soon. Her due date came and it was only […]

Scrolling through my social media feed, I was actually completely heartbroken by this article, “A plea for fathers to take more photos of mothers with their children.”  I’m not sure what was worse, that mothers feel like their last resort to have a photo of them with their children was a blurry cellphone picture, or that […]

I’ve heard it a million times before, and in fact, at one point during my pre-kid life, I thought the same – why would anyone want maternity pictures? Your emotions are on edge, you feel uncomfortable and tired, and your body feels somewhat foreign to you. There are so many times that you might feel […]

While most were counting down the days to Christmas, this mom and dad were counting down the minutes to meet their son in the Family Birthing Center of Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson, New York. A few days after her due date, mom and dad were getting anxious to meet this little man. Finally, a […]

I’m so excited to finally share this Fresh Story session with you all. This was probably one of my favorite session to date, and you can completely see why. I was back at the Birthing Center at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, after being able to witness the birth of this perfect little girl. Baby L was absolutely the sweetest, […]

This couple. Their strength. Their commitment to each other. This is what a true love story is made of.   This beautiful baby girl decided to give us all a surprise by arriving not only before her official due date, but before I was even scheduled to be on-call for her birth! It started out as a long night for Nicole […]

A grey, rainy day in late April brought me to St. Peter’s Hospital’s Labor and Delivery in Albany, New York, where this incredible family was anxiously waiting to meet their son. In a few short hours, his incredible mom’s strength welcomed a steady and fast labor. With his daddy by her side, I watched as […]