“The attitudes and behaviors parents model will always (always, always) trump the lessons we’ve taught.” Janet Lansbury So I absolute am infatuated with the work of psychologist Dr. Vanessa LaPointe, and her view of parenting, so of course I had to share. Obviously we’re all struggling through this parenting thing – for me, on a […]

Parenting through Connection

So I’m a pretty sappy, sentimental kinda girl, and I love Motherly. If you haven’t subscribed to their newsletter or at least checked them out on Facebook, you need to (and no I’m not paid or affiliated with them, I just genuinely love their articles). I came across this article about how we only […]

Eighteen Summers

Photographs can take us places we’ve never been to and where we may never go. They can uplift us, inspire us, move us, and teach us so much about the world we live in, and places we couldn’t imagine living in. So many of us have those photos of everyone lined up in a row […]

The Importance of Photos