above all else
find connection

I'm practical down to the very earth i stand on

Mountain & streams are where I hide. I find solace in nature. You can always find me with family and dog in tow on a new hiking adventure, at the barn with my ponies, or on a weekend roadtrip planned an hour prior. 

My candid life

I have a sentimental heart, and above all else, I believe life is about finding and nurturing connection. I'm a sucker for large, loud family dinners that include breaking out the shoe-box of old family photos. The stories that follow leave the corners of my cheeks in pain, and my heart warm. 


i choose quality over quantity every time


i'm down for ice cream at any point of the day


i'm surviving motherhood one box of gluten-free mac n' cheese at a time


and this is how

i believe motherhood should be documented

i believe in


"being honest, forthright, and having strong moral principles." In "attempting to maintain a constant state of unity," mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

i believe in 

giving motherhood my best shot

This journey is hard and completely all-consumingly beautiful all at the same time. I strive to be mindful and conscious in every aspect of parenting. 

i believe in 


from everyone I meet and everything I do, every step of the way.  Behind every encounter and experience there is a lesson and perspective waiting, and along with it a chance to embrace empathy and compassion.

my manifesto

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