My Favorite Unique Mom-Worthy Gifts

Hey guys!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to pour a cup of coffee and breathe in those early morning seconds before the kids get up and get researching.

I always love homemade gifts from my kids and physical activities to make the day special, but when I’m looking for my a special gift, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on links for supposedly ‘unique’ ideas that end up being a huge disappointment.

I’m super sentimental, so when I buy a gift, I want it to be THE perfect gift and actually MEAN something to who I gift it to! So I have a small list of my absolute favorites tangibles for Mother’s Day (all of which I own and adore!) to share with you.

1. Lisa Leonard Jewelry | Completely heartfelt, and truly unique pieces that are custom to your family and heart. | Take a look here:

2. Beloved Jewelry | One of my favorite sentimental statement pieces, and a birthday gift from my husband and kids last year. | Find it here:

3. Expanding Photo Locket from Dyson | Yup, you heard that right, from Dyson, but how unique is this gift?! | Linked here:

4. Photo Session | And of course, if you want something incredibly personal and special, why not choose a gift card from Marked by Three Photography? A custom session experience with professional styling and unique heirlooms, something Mom will never forget, and an e-gift card is the perfect meaningful gift for those last minute shoppers.

I’d love to hear what are you planning for your mom this Mother’s Day!

*PS* I have no affiliation with above items 1-3 and was not paid to promote them in any way. I simply love the products and have personal experience with them and wanted to share with you all.





My Favorite Unique Mom-Worthy Gifts

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