The Importance of Photos

Photographs can take us places we’ve never been to and where we may never go.

They can uplift us, inspire us, move us, and teach us so much about the world we live in, and places we couldn’t imagine living in.

So many of us have those photos of everyone lined up in a row that proves that we were there, or that we existed at some point in time, but how many photos of you show that you truly lived.

Who you are.

How you love(d).

Photos should stir emotion, bring us right back to that very spot to relive a moment in our lives, even if for a brief second.

Photographs maintain a piece of our heritage, who we are/were, a place where our children’s children can connect to a piece of us or a season in our lives.

So the next time you take out your iPhone, think about why you’re taking pictures,

Remember the why behind capturing these moments.

Do it with purpose and intention.

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The Importance of Photos

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