Eighteen Summers

So I’m a pretty sappy, sentimental kinda girl, and I love Motherly. If you haven’t subscribed to their newsletter or at least checked them out on Facebook, you need to (and no I’m not paid or affiliated with them, I just genuinely love their articles). I came across this article about how we only get 18 summers with our kiddos and it pretty much shocked me, terrified me, and made me cry instantly.

Then my rationale brain clicked in and went HOLD UP. Let’s keep reading.

One line changed it all for me, and it’s something I will forever keep in the back of my mind:

“I don’t want to mourn something I haven’t even lost yet.”

BOOM! Mic-drop. Exactly!!!!!

Why the hell am I going to fear what hasn’t even happened? Waste what time I do have with my littles worrying about a ticking clock.  

My dear friends, do not wish this life away, or this season. Each one that passes is bittersweet. Live in the moment. Create memories. Experience this day and every moment to the best you can. And on the days that are just too damn hard and you think you’re the worst parent ever, instead of freaking about counting down from 18, learn, grow, and be more conscious.  Our littles will forever love our presence more than anything else we can give them.

Focus on today, not yesterday or tomorrow.

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Eighteen Summers

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