Your Session & the COVID-19 Virus

I feel it is necessary to notify all of my families and followers about my procedures for the COVID-19 virus.

I’m here for you!

However, I urge that if anyone in your family is feeling any kind of illness or symptoms pertaining to ANY illness, please contact me to reschedule your session.

If you are a birth mama, I have already reached out to you with a plan in place for the event that I am not allowed into your birth space. For any births considering booking, please feel free to reach out so that we can discuss the various options I have developed for the surrounding circumstance.

Please remember that we are still in midst of flu season so most hospitals are restricting birth rooms to 2 additional people aside from the birthing mother, and depending on the situation, children under 12 are not allowed to visit.

Local hospitals and birthing centers policies specifically regarding COVIS-19

The Birthing Center at St. Peter’s

I was unable to contact anyone at this time. I will update as soon as possible.

Bellevue Women’s Center

Currently only the birth partner will be allowed in the room. No other visitors are allowed at this time.

Burdett Birth Center

Currently two people are allowed in the birthing room with mom. There is no restriction on who those two people can be.

The Birth Place at Albany Medical Center

Currently all baby classes are canceled for the next month.

For the birth room – the hospital is on full restriction due to flu season and will allow 2 attendants plus the birth partner.

How can I stay healthy?

Wash your hands, and help your children learn to wash theirs appropriately too. My youngest belts out a very soulful rendition of Happy Birthday while she scrubs away at the sink.

Try to get enough sleep – easier said than done, right?

Keep hydrated! Drink, drink, drink and then drink some more, and make sure it’s WATER!

Don’t forget the powerful impact of clean, fresh air and exercise has on your body, and your littles! Try some meditation or yoga to help reduce stress as much as possible. My kiddos get bored with my yoga, so I’ll switch over to some CosmicKids Yoga to get them involved.

In the meantime until things blow over, you can stock up on toilet paper, OR take some time during quarantine and organize your family photographs, or maybe order some prints or wall art that you’ve been meaning to get to. For personal printing, I always recommend Artifact Uprising and MPix, and I’m really starting to love Smallwoods, or if you want something a little more heirloom quality, then feel free to reach out to me and we can start working on a project together.

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Your Session & the COVID-19 Virus

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