Celebrating Doulas

It’s World Doula Week so what could be more fitting than an explanation about what a doula is and why you should consider having one as a part of your birth team.

What is a doula and why I should have one?

Coming from the perspective of connection and intimacy, a doula’s impact on any family is not an easy task to articulate.

Using a generic, procedural method, I can define a doula as a support system and guide for a birth family, most specifically the birth mother, through the birthing process and postpartum.

Research shows that the physiological impact of a doula includes a REDUCTION in

  • the need for pain medication during labor
  • stress and anxiety levels in both the birth parent, their partner, and siblings
  • chances for a cesarean birth
  • the chance for postpartum mood ‘disorders’

Okay, you’ve got science on your side! Great!

But, this post can in no way fully encompass all that doulas provide families.

As the women of Birth Becomes Her so eloquently stated,

doulas empower the birthing woman to find her own voice and use it, confidently.

Birth Becomes Her (BBH)

The depth of their work is soulful.

Birth Becomes Her (BBH)

They impact families both spiritually and emotionally. They hold space, support birth partner and birthing mother through various mental and emotional obstacles during labor, hold hands, laugh and cry with your family, freeing pain and struggle from the birth space.

As a birth photographer, I have the pleasure to work with some of these amazing people. They are grounded, compassionate, calming, and empathetic, working long hours, leaving their families behind with open hearts, giving a piece of their soul, and through caring hands cradle your family, holding them close, and seeing the courage inside us all to move mountains and bring our child into our arms.

Please join me in thanking them for the incredible openness they give, and love they share with the world.  #WDW #WorldDoulaWeek #DoulasBenefitEveryone #DoulasAroundtheWorld

All my love,

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Celebrating Doulas

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