Watching a mom labor is a powerful moment in life to be present for, and not an easy one to describe. It’s been said that women reach to the heavens and come back with a star. Labor brings you to another world. One that makes you question and doubt. One that strengthens and empowers. We […]

The Birth Story of Baby S | St. Peter’s Hospital Labor & Delivery, Albany, NY | Albany New York Birth Photographer

Anyone who knows Sarah & Brian separately knows how sincerely sweet, funny, and completely charming they are, but when they’re together, they are so much more.  Their connection is so authentic, and so genuine that it really is the kind of love you want to stare at all day, and makes you wonder how they […]

The Love Story of Sarah & Brian | Engagement Session at the Washington County Fair | Albany, New York Wedding Photographer

So I say this about a lot of people, but these two have a special place in my heart, so it goes without saying that these are two of my FAVORITE people on the planet. Their love is simple and genuine, and they celebrated one year of marriage this May. Congratulations guys!       […]

The Love Story of Matt and Jordan | Anniversary Session in Goffstown, New Hampshire | Albany Couples Photographer

Love is deep as the road is long, and this is only where it begins. So I’m pretty much the most sentimental person on the planet, so I think it’s easy to say that I have somewhat of a romantic heart. This engagement session takes the CAKE on romance! A rustic, country sunrise, a romantic […]

The Love Story of Eric and Tracy | Engagement Session in Valatie, New York | Hudson Valley Engagement Photographer

Baby S and her beautiful family are all doing incredibly well after their Earth-Day roadside birth. If you missed it, be sure to check out their birth story here. This family and session hit me hard. Having two girls of my own, I think the most difficult feeling when welcoming your new baby into your […]

Welcoming Baby S | A Newborn Session in Gloversville, New York | Albany, New York Newborn Photographer

Persistence. Patience. Endurance. Faith. All of these things are what this birth taught me. 5 days. 5 days this mom waited, and hoped, and cried, and prayed. An induction is unlike natural birth. It’s pain is not the same. It’s duration and normal ‘tells’ are not the same. It’s hard, just as any other birth, […]

The Birth Story of Baby A | St. Peter’s Hospital, Albany New York | Albany Birth Photography

The birth of your child is one of the most memorable events in your lifetime, but this little girl decided to set herself apart. I checked in with this mom the day before her due date. All seemed quiet, with no signs of labor coming anytime soon. Her due date came and it was only […]

The Birth Story of Baby S | Burdett Birth Center, Troy, New York | Troy Birth Photographer

Scrolling through my social media feed, I was actually completely heartbroken by this article, “A plea for fathers to take more photos of mothers with their children.”  I’m not sure what was worse, that mothers feel like their last resort to have a photo of them with their children was a blurry cellphone picture, or that […]

The Importance of Mom in Front of the Camera | Upstate New York Birth & Family Photographer | Personal Post

I’ve heard it a million times before, and in fact, at one point during my pre-kid life, I thought the same – why would anyone want maternity pictures? Your emotions are on edge, you feel uncomfortable and tired, and your body feels somewhat foreign to you. There are so many times that you might feel […]

Baby Glow Maternity Session | Olana State Historic Site, Hudson, New York | Catskill Maternity Photographer

While most were counting down the days to Christmas, this mom and dad were counting down the minutes to meet their son in the Family Birthing Center of Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson, New York. A few days after her due date, mom and dad were getting anxious to meet this little man. Finally, a […]

The Birth Story of Baby J | Family Birth Center of Columbia Memorial Hospital, Hudson, NY | Hudson Valley Birth Photographer