I’m so excited to finally share this Fresh Story session with you all. This was probably one of my favorite session to date, and you can completely see why. I was back at the Birthing Center at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, after being able to witness the birth of this perfect little girl. Baby L was absolutely the sweetest, […]

Fresh Baby L | St. Peter’s Hospital, Labor & Delivery, Albany, New York | Albany Baby Photographer

This couple. Their strength. Their commitment to each other. This is what a true love story is made of.   This beautiful baby girl decided to give us all a surprise by arriving not only before her official due date, but before I was even scheduled to be on-call for her birth! It started out as a long night for Nicole […]

The Birth Story of Baby L | St. Peter’s Hospital Labor & Delivery, Albany, New York | Albany, New York Birth Photographer

A grey, rainy day in late April brought me to St. Peter’s Hospital’s Labor and Delivery in Albany, New York, where this incredible family was anxiously waiting to meet their son. In a few short hours, his incredible mom’s strength welcomed a steady and fast labor. With his daddy by her side, I watched as […]

The Birth Story of Baby O | St. Peter’s Hospital Labor and Delivery, Albany, New York | Albany, NY Birth Photographer