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I'm Meg

I spend my days adventuring through motherhood with my two wild littles, who keep me on my toes, constantly learning and growing right alongside them. To learn more about me, see My Life Unscripted below.

The woman behind the lens & accomplished birth & family photographer based in a small rural town between the Berkshire & Catskill mountain ranges. 

I thrive on authentic moments of connection and it is my promise to capture genuine moments completely unique to you and your family, through all the sticky fingers and crocodile tears. 

photo by Cornelia Traynor Photography

photo by Cornelia Traynor Photography

what others are saying


the jevons family

"she has a way of standing by your side, seeing what you see and relating to you, effortlessly"

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the experience

the gibson-cook family

"[she] made the entire process easy. Being kind, flexible, and understanding. [She] helped calm nerves, sent positive uplifting messages before, [she was] another midwife in the room calmly helping me through…even helped me with my difficulties breastfeeding. [She is] more than a photographer. This profession suits [her]."

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the wilson family

"I'm so glad to have the beautiful birth photos so I can vividly remember that crazy and wild day...every aspect and detail was done with such care and so thoughtful."

kind words

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